Foundation Wall Proofreading: All You Need to Know

The foundation of a building is an integral part of its overall structure. As a result, the integrity of any foundation must be preserved to ensure that no structural issues arise in the long run. A surefire method that helps to protect a building’s longevity is foundation wall waterproofing.

One of the greatest threats to a foundation is water. When rain or other precipitation seeps into the soil surrounding the foundation of a building, it causes the foundation materials to break down and weaken. This is why foundation wall waterproofing with an effective sealant is so important.

Benefits of a Waterproof Foundation Wall

Commercial WaterproofingWhile water is essential to life, it is detrimental to concrete. Foundation waterproofing allows you to protect the concrete from moisture. It also prolongs the lifespan of a building. With changing weather patterns, waterproofing products are essential—now more than ever—to preserve the strength of a building’s foundation.

Some of the benefits of foundation waterproofing include:

  • Preventing mould and mildew from entering the walls and floors. Mould and mildew can pose serious problems to the health of the occupants of a building. Building waterproofing keeps those infestations at bay and helps maintain the well-being of the building’s foundation as well as its occupants.
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and clean up. If a building wall foundation is properly waterproofed, it won’t be affected in the case of heavy rain. Hence, the cleanup is less extensive, and therefore, less expensive. 
  • Increased property value. Many people looking to buy or rent a condo are aware of the benefits of a waterproofed foundation. Nobody wants to reside in a building with foundation problems; it’s simply too much of a hassle for a tenant! So if your apartment building has this layer of protection against moisture, it will add more value and appeal to your home.

How to Prevent Building Foundation Problems

Building waterproofingSince water damage to a foundation is not visible on the surface, there may be a tendency to assume all is well. Water damage often goes unnoticed for years but can cause a lot of problems. When moisture seeps into your concrete wall, it compromises the structural integrity of your building. This is when signs of deterioration will start to show. 

The only way to prevent eminent damage is by using waterproofing products such as foundation sealant and dampproofing coatings. Sealing and dampproofing a building foundation will bridge any gaps or cracks in the walls. Also, when correctly installed, these waterproofing techniques should last up to 50 years. Keep in mind that waterproofing products should only be applied by a professional.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear that foundation wall waterproofing goes a long way when it comes to building maintenance. This is why it’s beneficial to reach out to a commercial waterproofing expert to guarantee your building foundation withstands the test of time.

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