Masonry Repairs

Maintaining a building is always a work in progress.

As time marches on, things inevitably deteriorate. That’s why we at USRL pride ourselves on our many preventative and reparative specialities, including masonry repair.

Masonry repairs require a specialist’s hand and a professional’s mindset, two things we guarantee on every job we complete.

When it comes to Toronto masonry repair, few names are as trusted as USRL. Whether you need a new coat of paint over cracks in masonry walls or some masonry foundation repair, we have everything you’ll need to get the job done and be back up to 100% in no time.

toronto masonry repairsSome of the services we offer include brick repair, brick replacement, mortar joint repairs, brick mortar restoration, and masonry foundation repair.

And we guarantee that our masonry repair costs are unbeatable. We provide quality work for an affordable price, combining expert service with an attractive cost.

When you enlist us to help in your masonry repairs, we specialize in removal and replacement of spalled, deteriorated or cracked bricks of various types, as well as stone and block units. We also include the installation of masonry ties and brick. On top of all this, we can also provide complete brick replacement to all types of locations, from retaining walls to building walls.

We also offer tuckpointing repairs, where we rout out existing mortar to a depth of 20mm to 25mm. We then carry out the removal of all loosened or disintegrated materials, wash clean all the joints and repair these joints by installing in new mortar. This process is not easy or simple, and you want to have experts on the job so that you can be sure the job is not only getting done, but being done right.

Why Hire USRL for Masonry Repair Job?

When you hire us on for masonry repairs, we bring the necessary tools, knowledge, and, most importantly, experience to make sure that we’ll safely remove mortar joints without causing damage to brick or stone, or to any existing masonry work.

You don’t want the contractor you hired coming in and making a bigger mess than the one you hired before, after all. That’s why you can trust our expertise and professional work crews that will see to it that your masonry repairs are complete with precision, dedication, and a level of craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

When it comes to masonry repairs, there aren’t really any other players in the city that can match USRL when it comes to quality. We promise that the job will be done in a swift, organized and as thorough as possible way so your masonry will be like new once we’re done.

Give us a call to find out how you can take advantage of our masonry repair offers and a number of other services that are among the best in Toronto contracting.

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