Metal Cladding

Do You Need to Protect Your Building?

Your building is vulnerable. Metal cladding can protect both your building's exterior and interior. USRL brings the experience needed to secure your building.

Our metal cladding services are:

  • Performed by our expert team of multidisciplinary staff
  • Designed to save you money
  • Backed by our 20+ year history

As a building owner, you value the protection of your building. If it gets damaged, it can lead to issues. By getting metal cladding, you can circumvent that risk entirely and ensure your building’s long life.

What Is Metal Cladding?

Metal cladding is a type of outside covering. While made of different materials, it does the same thing that other forms of cladding do, namely protect the inside and outside of a building. In addition to providing structural protection, metal cladding can be used to improve the visual appeal of a building. For both protection, and aesthetic appeal, metal cladding is an excellent choice.

In most cases, metal cladding is a balance of function and visual appeal. There are a range of metals that you can use as cladding. However, most commonly, cladding is aluminium, copper, or steel. These metals each have their benefits and issues, but they all are extremely versatile when used as cladding.

What Are The Benefits Of A Metal Cladding System?

Metal is an excellent choice for cladding. It is a durable option, meaning it can stand up better to the elements than many other options.

Aesthetically, metal cladding can look great and give a futuristic appearance. For many buildings, this style works excellently.

Metal cladding is a low maintenance option. It doesn’t absorb any moisture and, as a result, is resistant to both algae and fungi. Once placed, metal cladding can remain for years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

From a safety perspective, metal cladding is resistant to fire. It also lightweight, and doesn’t increase the building’s load.

Metal cladding is available in a wide range of textures and colours. As a result, it’s easy to pick a look that suits your building.

You can lower your building’s energy bills as metal cladding provides strong insulative abilities.

Metal cladding installation is easy and readily available. As a result, you won’t need to worry about getting enough supply to suit your needs.

Stylistically, metal is highly malleable, and you can twist it into any direction. This way, you can create interesting shapes in the facades.

Why You Can Trust USRL

Over the course of our 20-year history, we’ve seen it all. We’ve fostered highly talented staff, giving them a range of skills, to give you the best service. As a result, no matter how unique your situation is, we can handle it. We work hard to save you money. This is accomplished by doing the work properly the first time.  Also, we’ll point out problems we see and provide potential solutions for how to deal with it before it becomes an issue.

Letting your building have bad or no cladding is risky. Protect your investment. Contact us today to get your building clad.

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